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With our well established team, we are capable of handling:

• Extravagant Theme Parties
• Platinum Weddings
• Unimaginable Events of any nature
• Corporate Events
• Outdoor company gatherings/barbeques
• Holiday Gatherings
• Fundraisers
• Corporate Networking Events
• Exclusive Vacation Planning
• Boat Ride Events / Parties
• Retirement Parties

Odyssey IP – Nonprofit Company

• Community Outreach Conferences
• Cotillions
• Fashion Shows
• Specialty Pageants
• City wide Summits
• Holiday Toy Drives

Odyssey IP 501(C)(3) Organization was created to assist those organizations needing direction and support as it relates to all types of community awareness, involvement and event planning.

It is the goal of Odyssey IP to support and develop testing partnerships with grass root organization(s) by developing quality events which will help in the betterment of all man kind.

Odyssey IP reflects on the needs of others and address those areas which can foster meaningful positive results for the future.

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